1 Magnetic Trade Plate Holder

£23.95 exc VAT

Conforms to DVLA regulations

Feedback includes "ideal solution to many years of problems"

Protects your trade plates

Easy to read

Very strong magnets encased in PVC to avoid direct contact on metal so will not scratch paintwork

Quick and simple to use time after time - economical

1 Magnetic Trade Plate Holder to fit 1 Trade Plate

This Magnetic Holder has very strong magnets to adhere to the rear of your vans, lorries or any vehicle which cannot take the traditional suction trade plate holder or bungee/rubber straps type. No fiddly tools - just place on the back and that's it. Economical as can be used time after time and the clear PVC cover protects your plate/s but still easy to read. Can be used in conjunction with our Suction Trade Plate Holder for the front.